The following recipe summaries are presented in this section. Each discusses the recipe and one or more specific interpretations to make it:

The following table presents a summary of the recipes presented and discussed on this site.

DateSource (see Bibliography)RecipeCommentsSee
14th c.Peregrinus Tractatus de magneteTractatus MeadArticle
14th c.Peregrinus Tractatus de magneteTractatus MetheglinArticle
1354Das Buch von Guter Spise (Scully, 1995)Guten MethHops and sageArticle
c.1444A collection of remediesMede EglynePaper
c.1444A collection of remediesGode DrynkPaper
c.1444A collection of remediesYdromelPaper
1576Estienne Maison RustiqueHonied WaterRecipe
1576Estienne Maison RustiqueVirtuous Quince MeadAddition to previous recipeRecipe
c.1600Cromwell CookbookMirthRecipe
1609Butler The feminine monarchyLobel’s MeadRecipe
c.1654-c.1685Jacob Physicall and chirurgical receptsQuince MeadRecipe
c.1660Hill. Recipe Book. Lemon-Rosemary MeadRecipe, Blog

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