Other Fermented Drinks

Fermented drinks have historically been produced from a wide variety of materials containing sugars or carbohydrates that can be converted to sugars.

Wine and beer are, in the modern age as throughout most of history, the dominant fermented drinks. My inclusion of them as ‘other drinks’ does not lessen their important, but rather reflects the arc of my focus and interests.

Cider and perry, made respectively from apples and pears, have a long history of production in locations where these fruit trees grow well and are productive. This section includes updates of new material adding new content to Cider and Perry in Britain.

Fruit has long been included in mixed fermented drinks and in meads. Wines made primarily from fruit are less common historically, although meads with added fruit (melomels) are not uncommon. As sugar became much cheaper in the 17th century most fruit wines began to use that instead of honey to boost sugar content for fermentation and ultimate alcohol content.

Updated March 25, 2021.